Festive Cookery Demonstrations

We recently joined up with Harriet Walker from Harriet’s Kitchen, to host three Cookery Demonstrations at Farmer Barnes Dairy, for the festive season.  The idea was that each dish should contain a cheese made from our milk at Clawson Dairy.

Harriet came up with an amazing menu with a wide selection of cheese used.  We offered our guests Cotswold Cheesestraws with Blue Stilton Dip when they arrived with a glass of Mulled Wine.  Then offered a taste of Blue Shropshire & White Wine Soup while Harriet demonstrated this dish in  front  of an appreciative audience.  This was followed by Macaroni Cheese & Bacon Lardons made with Rutland Red (an Aged Red Leicester) and toasted breadcrumb topping.  We also served a White Stilton with Apricot & Red Onion Tart warm and served with fresh green salad and crusty rolls.

Desserts included a White Stilton with Mango & Ginger cheesecake to die for!  Harriet demonstrated and gave tips about this amazing Cheesecake.  She used crushed ginger biscuits in the base and topped with small chunks of mango & ginger stems in the cream cheese.  Chocolate curls made with a potato pealer added the finishing touch.  Then everyone enjoyed a taste of Wensleydale with Dried Cranberries in a Oat Bite (like a Flapjack but better)!  These were a delicious finish to an amazing meal.

All the recipes can be found on my Recipe page www.farmerbarnesdairy.com/recipes


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